Independent TV control

I recently downloaded the demo of BoinxTV and experimented a little with it.
My question is: how can I control a TV that’s behind the two hosts of the show without using the main output?
My goal is to show an independent picture on the TV while I use overlays over the current camera picture.
While we show a trailer on the TV behind the hosts, I want to be able to display name plates, logos, etc. on the current camera picture. Everything should be controllable from only one Mac, just like it is known from TV show productions where the director team manages the content shown on the displays.
I know that in real TV shows this is accomplished by using expensive hardware, but I would like to know if there’s the possibility to do that in Boinx TV, too.

I would be happy about a quick response.

So you want the output to be something completely different than the main out?

Yeah, I would like to have the possibility to use the layers on different outputs of the graphics card.
Example: On output 1 we have BoinxTV, the desktop, etc on my PC monitor. On output 2 we have, say, a placer that is being displayed on the TV screen.

There is nothing built right in BoinxTV to accomplish this. There is a hacky way but the second screen display isn’t full screen but has a large title bar.