incorporate quicktimes - .movs or .mp4s - into a presentation

Is it possible to incorporate quicktimes - either SD or HD - into an exported presentation? I’m looking to make a video wall and put it out to 720p H.264 quicktime at 30 fps. It seems as if I can do so, but every time the app crashes on export. Please advise. Thanks, Todus

I looked up your crashlogs and they all reports the same problem: The MacOS system dislike some color format for a certain operation. What does your source files look like? Do they have a certain color space?

I was using some 720p files that were just laying around, not standard . I’ll make some actual files and use a good codec, see if that works. Good to know that, theoretically, we can put video up.

All right, got the material not to crash the app. But, using 720p .mp4 elements, the wall exports, but the videos do not move. There doesn’t appear to be a switch that says, make videos play. Is this doable? Or does the app just use the thumbnail frame, still? Thanks.

Each of the themes in PhotoPresenter has different limitations. Unfortunately the “Video Wall” isn’t capable of playing back movies. Most of the other themes can do so, however just one movie at a time. Sorry!