In BoinxTV Home 960 x 540 pixels and Skype or FaceTime!

In BoinxTV Home the output resolution is limited to 960 x 540 pixels. Is this HD? Sorry new to this but want to purchase the Home version from the Mac App store, if it will do what I want to get started broadcasting. Also, how many Skype or FaceTime calls can you have in the Home Edition during a broadcast?

The resolution is about widescreen-PAL or widescreen NTSC (HD is much higher, 4 times the pixels).

BoinxTV isn’t able to do the Skype or FaceTime calls by itself. You will have to use “Screen capture” sources to capture the output window of those applications. In addition to that you will need “SoundFlower” (a 3rd party app) to grab the sound output of those apps and feed it into BonixTV as a regular audio source. Please see this video tutorial on this topic: