Improvements, suggestions, what directions progress?

I have just finished my first slideshow with Fotomagico Pro (ab.90 pix, 12 min). BTW, I experienced about 10 crashes over the 48 hrs of production, with self-reporting back to HQ kicking in (3-yr old Mac OS 7.x, 8 gig RAM). What’s that all about? Here are some features I missed having, (or did not realize I had?) and was wondering if they are even feasible or coming soon or how to access them?

  1. A place within the right part of the user interface for temporary parking of pix (or sequences?) I am unsure of - like a scratch pad, or a working bin, if you will - say I am hesitating between 3 versions of a similar shot.
  2. An “elastic” for audio - to bring it in or out, or up and down, gradually, throughout the timeline
  3. Making the thumbnails larger at the bottom of the screen
  4. Having the duration of transitions visible in the timeline, even if only in hover-over mode.
  5. Curved motion paths (i.e. the REAL Ken Burns effect. For as we know, Burns used an actual camera!)
  6. A more visual timeline representation of dissolve transitions, as in two stacked timelines to see the pix overlap
  7. Being able to pan and zoom between two different versions of the same picture, say with a transition to different color values from beginning and end of your pan/zoom.
  8. I think that’s it for now!


Johnnie in Montreal