Improve Quality for Broadcasting live on the internet.

I tried Boinx tv to broadcast live on the internet and I found the quality very poor compare to ustream producer…
I like better the features on boinx tv but I need the maximum quality! Is there a way to improve my broadcast quality?
I used 2 panasonic AG-DVX100B with a new mac book pro 17inch (bought it last week), plug into the express card. I used cam twist on and sound flower to broadcast on ustream. The sound was good but the image quality was bad! May be I lose too much quality with cam twist? Is there something that I could do?


Did you use the camtwist route? If you did so, did you increase the resolution of camtwist as described in the tutorial? If not, you are just sending out 320x240 which is not that much.

I upgraded at the max and the most important improvement is using flash encoder…
Thanks a lot

good to hear. Do you have any livestreams/recordings you’d like to share so other can take a look?