Importing Video and Audio From External Sources

I am a grade 6 teacher. At our school we use iPads regularly in the classroom. We also have a production studio in our school where final productions are made but as we have up to 300 students who access this space, we need the flexibility to create content elsewhere and use the studio as a last stage production space. We are considering purchasing BoinxTV but we need to be able to use clips/files/recordings done in our classroom. Can videos created in iMovie or audio files created in Garage Band be easily imported into BoinxTV? The ability to pull in content created on these platforms in particular would be key for us. We use a variety of other apps regularly too - Toontastic, Puppet Pals, Voice Thread. While not as important, I am wondering how compatible BoinxTV with output from such apps (I appreciate this would depend on the app but I guess I am looking for some general input).