Importing photos

Can you import still photos into Istopmotion any way?

There are two way to import still images into iStopMotion for Mac:

  1. By menu:
  • Find the menu “Movie” in iStopMotion and select the “Import Images…” submenu.
  • Choose “from Disk…” if you want to load the images from your hard disk. You will be prompted to select the images. Please note that you can select multiple images at once in this file chooser dialog. The images will be imported right after the play head location in your timeline.

You can choose the submenu item “from Still Camera…” to open an import panel which lets you choose still images directly from your connected still camera.

  1. By drag & drop:
  • Select the images you want to import into your iStopMotion project in a Finder window.
  • Drag them to the time line of your iStopMotion project window. Make sure that you place the playhead while dragging at the correct location you want to import the images to. After dropping the images they will be imported.

I hope this helps!