Importing Photos/Tilt-shift

I do stop motion/timelapse photography on a Canon 5DMK2, but I don’t do it attached to a laptop as I am outside or shooting a crowd. I tried this program on a friends computer because the tilt shift option looks cool. After I imported my photos, I could not get the tilt shift function to work.

Can I only apply the tilt shift before the photos are imported?

I think a great feature would being able to apply tilt shift to a certain number of imported photos and being able to do it after importing (so I can see where to apply the t/s. I just shot a music festival and have many parts but don’t want T/S in all of the video.

Thanks for any help! If this is possible, I will definitely have to grab the program from the Mac App Store.

Since version 2.8 of iStopMotion applying effects does also work when importing, see Version History:
• Enhancement: Filter effects such as Color Correction and Tilt Shift are now also applied when importing images via menu or drag & drop. Please make sure that a source is selected before importing.
Please double-check that a source other than “None” is selected, otherwise it won’t work.

Yes…but do you have any plans to make it so I can import the images, and then apply a tilt shift to a select number of images AFTER the import. Seems easy for the end user that way…maybe not for you guys to code it though :wink:

I would appreciate clarification on this point as well.

After importing photos what editing can be done to the sequence of shots? Is it not possible to apply tilt shift, change the speed of the film etc?

If you have a camera selected while importing the images and the tilt shift is activated it should be added to those as well.
You can’t change the framerate/speed of the movie after you created a new project, I’m afraid.