importing images you can see there are the original image and the imported image.i?ve tryed other versions but the problem is the same.i have mac os mavericks.importing a project in from another mac there is no problem but importing from my mac a file,drug and drop or from “import file”…this is the rsult

Hi, can you please attach the original JPEG file here so we can test it here?

i don’t think it’s a file problem.i 've used it on the other mac and it was ok

no resolution?

please help cause i don’t know if this is a machine problem so i ll bring the mac in assistance or what

We can’r reproduce this issue here at all. Now, also the first two screenshots disappeared. Did you delete them from the original post?

no.they are not deleted.

no.they are not deleted.

so there is no solution?

have i to repost the images?