Importing images isn't in capture time order

When I am importing images it isn’t importing in the capture time order. Most images are but there is on average one image every 10 images that has moved out of capture time sync.

Is there a way to get images to show in capture time order?

FotoMagico imports the images in the sequence they are in the media browser. The media browser normally sorts by filename. can you please check if these are in the right order?

If you get into that predicament, you might try copying all of the photos you plan to use for a presentation into a dedicated folder, then use a file renamer app (I have been using A Better File Rename for years – but it’s not free). It has so many file-renaming options too numerous to mention, but it makes it easy to “force sort” files into a particular order by naming them with a numerical scheme (like adding “1” or “01” or “001”) to the front of the file name.

with “A Better File Rename”, you can save the time in the filename.
you can rename yours files with Bridge or Automator ( free application in the system OSX)

Hi Bastian, This occurs when dragging and dropping from Lightroom. All images are renamed in numerical order and are shown in grid mode in capture time order. This issue never used to occur but has for the last few slideshow creations.

We have no control over the order Lightroom hands FotoMagico the files. Do you have the same issue when using the Lightroom Image browser?