Importing custom layers

I am having trouble finding the layer composition once I import it into BoinxTV. I go through the import utility, but even after it gives me a confirmation message, it does not appear anywhere in the Layers tab. This is the text result I receive after importing each time:

Importing ISN Football Scoregraphic.qtz
Set Categories to: Data,Text,Custom,Basic,Overlay,Demo
Missing Property tv_UseAudioFromSource: Without an value of A,B or C none of the corresponding image inputs will provide audio.
Added Layer Protocol
set tv_LayerProtocolVersion to 1
Imported ISN Football Scoregraphic.qtz

I have done the following troubleshooting, with no change in result:
-Attempted import using 1.8.1, & on Snow Leopard with 1.8.3
-Attempted to import a renamed demo layer from another location
-Done a minor modification of a demo layer & reimported

Any reason the layer would not show up while showing a confirmation that it was imported? I’m on v1.8.3 - any assistance from the community would be appreciated.

Please make sure the Layer identifier is unique. You can find that in Quartz Composer > Editor > Edit Information. BoinxTV needs that information to identify different layers.