Imported images are not fit to video area

I use Mac with Mountain Lion, and when I import images to iStopMotion the images are not fit to the video area. I can just see the top middel area of the images.

Is it something I do wrong, or is it a bug?

If you are shooting a digital SLR or pretty much any camera, the default ratio is 3:2. If your animation is 16:9 or 4:3, you are going to lose part of your image.

You can make a custom resolution if you don’t want to crop your image, the only downside is if you have Home or Express, you cannot go higher than 960x576, so if you don’t crop, you WILL wind up with a lower resolution. Crop either in camera appropriately, or shoot wide so it doesn’t cut things off in iStopMotion.

I tried to resize the image to fit the actual resoultion, but same result.
I´ve attached a screenshot, with the original image I tried to import in right lower corner.
I tried so many different images, but same result. Do I need some kind of plugin or other software to import pictures in iStopMotion?
I use iStopMotion Pro…