import VNC as source

We project a ppt from a pc and have historically imported this as a camera source into camtwist via VNC for broadcasting and recording. We are considering utilizing BoinxTV and need to be able to capture this source and a frame grabber is not an option. Any ideas? Has anyone else successfully done this before?


I recently used VNC server/client and the BOINX screen grab to bring in the Powerpoint from a Windows computer. I let the presenter have a clicker so he could advance his slides. BUT the thing that caused trouble is playing any videos that are embedded in the PowerPoint. And worse, trying to play YouTube or Vimeo (maybe others). You can’t play these flash-based videos through your VNC and have the video show up on the BOINX computer.
My configuration: MacBook Pro 15" - connected the Display Port adapter to VGA to the VGA switcher/splitter going to the big screens. Added a USB to VGA adapter so I could have another screen to show me the VNC screen (in my case I actually used the AON 15.6" USB powered monitor rather than a standard VGA monitor). I had to put the VNC on the MacBook Pro screen and the BOINX controls on the VGA Monitor and had the BOINX Output go full screen to the big screens.
Sounds cumbersome but it was cheaper than buying that VGA2USB gadget (over $200) which would then be another video device (camera).
Special note, don’t use any Internet alternative to VNC (i.e. cuz you can’t depend on the Internet to stay alive. In my case I setup up Internet sharing with my Mac and had the Windows computer join my mini-network and now it didn’t matter what the outside world did or if the facility’s internet went down, the VNC was on a private network.
Hope this helps you out.

If you used Camtwist before, just use it with BoinxTV. CT will provide the VNC signal over its virtual camera.

right, but boinx will not grab that signal, at least i haven’t figured out how to yet, and it will require me to switch back-and-forth between programs, complicating the broadcast. i would like to be able to use just one program (boinx) to act as a switcher. the above response (and i appreciate it much) requires the purchase of an additional display.