Import Sports timecode

Is there a way to import the timecode and/or score from a venue scoreboard, so that the mimoLive livestream is able to display the same information more accurately than the same what can be created locally in mimoLive. What format would the venue need to output the information, and what layer and setup would be required in mimoLive to receive, format and display the information.

@craiglau If the venue can output it in any digital form, we can make it work with mimoLive. If we can choose, a json file that can be accessed via http is the easiest. The chespest is to take a camera and film the stadium score board. With the deskew filter you can easily make it look plane and square.

@craiglau You could use Powerpoint. Can make a scoreboard slide and capture the presentation window as a PIP. Can make quick score changes on the slide and the changes will reflect on the presentation. If you have an ATEM, you could set it up on a secondary laptop and capture score changes as the game progresses. You can also use the above solution for time keeping. Hope this helps.

@MaxFortis thanks for that suggestion. I think we have a much better solution in the works. If you want to try it, send a message to @“Achim (Boinx)”

My solution for this … i create a device to read the 433hz freq from scoreboard… and input in mimolive! I have few buttons too for another details…

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” This sounds very interesting. Can you share more technical details and screenshots, please?

Im on the road at this time without the system… but i have a picture on my face from my first test! at this time we working to create a entire scoreboard… after this we bring wireless signal from venue scoreboard…nowwe working in a long range wireless system for football broadcast stopwatch… Oliver I can share some technical details in private, maybe u can help…I have few project to share…At this time i have running a local weather station, a statics software for football and a scoreboard…enter image description here

Hey guys! yesterday i spend a little time on bed before sleep thinking how we can produce a method to get the scoreboard info without help a specific hardware…(for me hardware is the easy part, but for many is a very strange world) after a little i remember the OCR system on google translate…and a few seconds of google i found a lot solutions like this… ok… im not a genius =\ … but i think is a good point to start a development… what do you think?

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” That idea has crossed our minds as well…

If you need some help!

We’re interested in a solution here as well. We’ve been using a camera aimed at the scoreboard and inserting it into the frame, but would prefer a solution that would integrate with our graphics more elegantly. One issue we face when at a venue with pull-out bleachers is that there is considerable shaking when the fans jump and cheer. This causes movement in the scoreboard cam. A wireless solution like @“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” suggested he has would be ideal, if it consistently worked with various scoreboards in different venues, which seems unlikely. We did check out Scoreboard OCR, which looked great. They appear to be PC only though and our email to them regarding their plans for a Mac version has gone unanswered. We’d welcome continuing to hear from other users how they tackle this issue. Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks to the Boinx team for this great software. We certainly wouldn’t expect it to have every single feature imaginable. If it did, I’m sure it would have to be at a price that would be out of our reach. We’re grateful for the simple, elegant, and stable live TV option you provide. Many, many thanks!!

the main barrier to operate in all venues is just that… each manufacturer works in a way, there is no standard.
When I have time in the place I try to learn how that system works and save a configuration. but often the limitation becomes the hardware itself. in particular in wired system.

For us the best way is to develop our own system and when we do not have compatibility we use only ours.

This is the link for lifestream similar to what I need to achieve with a number of features such as the built in timer and score. Oliver I understand the there is a hardware component of receive the live score date from the venue, but the other part is the information display. This is relatively low budget production, but has very nice simple graphics for the teams, scores, logo flyover and replay (see goal at 36mins). How does this kind of feature set compare to your plans for mimoLive.

I would love OCR for score boards as well. It would make a lot of my sports streaming so much easier.