Import an imovie project into fotomagico

How do you import an existing imovie project into fotomagico so you can make changes to it and save it to share with others

iMovie and FotoMagico aren’t compatible. So the only way I see is to export your iMovie Project to a QuickTime file and use this file in FotoMagico, just like any other image. You can pan, zoom and rotate the movie just like the other images. Howerver your are not able to edit this movie in FotoMagico anymore.

Thanks, that is a bit disappointing since it takes so long to make a movie. I understand that it is not a high need of movie makers but would have been useful. I will use quicktime to see if I can get around it. Can you tell me if there will be any loss of quality by running the movie through quicktime and then through FM and then burn to a disc? I am weighing up whether to remake the movie or use your suggested method. I will use the method that gives the best output quality. Cheers

Every video encoding step costs you a loss of image quality. But one codec may be better than another. Also, even this is an outdated tutorial it contains a lot of information about image quality when creating a dvd: I hope this helps.

Thank you. It was useful.