iMovie-export-file size?


does anyone know, why the “for-iMovie-exported” file is so much smaller than a “normal” exported Quicktime Clip, or something like that? Is it just the compressor?

If anyone knows, tell me :slight_smile:

Yes, the file size of an export is depending extremely on video size, frame rate and the compressor used. All the export presets varies on those values.

Hi is it possible to export a slideshow into an ipad movie then send that movie to someone else for them to see my slideshow? It is saying i will need 750mb of space for this file (excluding temp files) is this how big the final size will be? Thanks

@sara272: Your questions is for FotoMagico, right? Anyways, when you export your movie with the iPad preset, a certain video codec is used (H.264) to compress the video frames. You have to make sure that this video codec can be played back on your friends device. The estimated file size of the export is a rough guess by the app so that you get an idea of what will come out.