Image Title

Is it possible to have the title of the image show up on the image? I create image slideshows (approximately 40 - 60 images per slideshow) for clients to view their images and then order.
Many thanks

This is not yet possible in FotoMagico 4. FotoMagico 5 will have this feature.

Thank you for letting me know.

Hi Bastian, we have upgraded to 5.2 but I still can’t see an option to include the image title (see above). Is this possible?

Hi. Yes, it’s possible. Look for “Placeholders” in the Text menu.

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That is great - thank you

All very well but my placeholder list item does not access the Image Title text (the Image Filename is OK but curiously the Image Caption contains the name of the camera used !!) - I have a screengrab but can’t seem to be able to post it

My images are originally in Photos - I have assumed that Image Title corresponds to the text shown below each image (in Photos) and is the first line of the Get Info box on the image (in Photos)

The main reason I selected Fotomagico was that I could access the metadata to add suitable text to my slides


Hi Oliver

I have Fotomagico Pro 5.2.1

I make slideshows of photographs and I want the unique filename of each photograph to appear on the slide.

I know that I can add a title, using a text placeholder, to each slide individually. However, that takes a long time with 50 or more slides.

Is it possible to add the placeholder to all slides in one action? I cannot find a way.

Alternatively, is it possible to make a template slide/slideshow that has the filename text placeholder already built in, and have it apply to all imported slides?



Adding the text placeholder works individually, however if you create a title and add the placeholder you can then copy that title and add to the other slides.