Image quality.

I am seeing some images in my slideshows lose too much quality { very blurry } But some are perfectly fine. This is after I have shared and burned to dvd { Memorax dvd-r } I am using 2.6.3. My images range in size between 2 and 4 mgs. I see downsizing seems to be recommended. To what size would you recommend? I am considering upgrading? Will this help? What version? And you can make a slideshow where some slides have the pan effect and some don’t correct? Thank Paul

if you use the DVD export preset, a file will be generated that meets the worldwide video DVD standards (PAL or NTSC depending on your region). So the resolution can’t be improved here, otherwise the DVD would not play on a DVD player.

You can improve quality a bit as described in our FAQ-article here (only available with FotoMagico Pro):

But the resolution will remain the same, I’m afraid.

Of course you can apply pan&zoom only on some images, just use the pan&zoom button above the timeline.

Thanks, So do you ever see a any difference between DVD manufacturers? Sony< Memorex etc?

Hello Pauljphoto,

No there arn’t any differences between DVD manufacturers because the information is stored on the same way on all DVD products, bit by bit. The problem lies in the digitally compression technique the standard DVD is using. This was defined a long time ago and due to backward compatibility can’t be improved. Modern DVD players often can playback also files of different formats and so the DVD has be burned as data disc (not video disc).