Image history, or warning before reactivating camera

I hadn’t used this app in a while, then fired it up when at a few beautiful vantage points on vacation. I captured a couple of collages, but didn’t realize (until after I got back) that UNLESS YOU SEND OR SAVE EACH COLLAGE, IT GETS OVERWRITTEN BY THE NEXT ONE. No warning, they’re just gone, as far as I can tell. So I only had the last one I did, which was certainly not the best one.

It would be nice if the app would double-check with you if you haven’t clicked ‘save to camera roll’ or ‘email’ or one of the other sharing options, before just letting you throw away the panorama you just captured. Like, “Hey! I noticed you didn’t do anything with this collage… are you sure you want to throw it away and create a new one?” (Or at least that warning could be a preference you could turn off, once you were a YGST! master and knew better. You might want to turn it off to have faster access to the camera, if you weren’t happy with the one you just created and wanted to quickly try again.)

Or, you could save a bunch of the collages in a history that people could scroll through, and make people delete them to get rid of them.

If this functionality already exists and there’s a way to recover my vacation images, please let me know… and/or please document it better so nobody else makes the mistake I did.


Thom Brooks
Austin, TX

I am deeply sorry to tell you that your panographies are gone if you didn’t save them somewhere. I put your comments as a feature request on our list. Thank you!