image background removal

When looking at your webinar 4.2 on you tube you show in an introduction an aircraft flying across the screen.
I have images of aircraft and would like to know how you remove the background from the image leaving just the aircraft in the image

That is done in Photoshop. You just have to erase the background to a transparent color manually and then save as a PNG file, which preserves transparency.

You can also use “Preview” by Apple to remove the background if you haven’t got Photoshop.

Thank you, have to got photo shop so will give preview a go

Thanks again for your prompt reply


I now have photo shop but do not know what you mean by “erase background to a transparent colour”, could you please explain what a transparent background is ?
Thank You

Kingsley, please refer to this tutorial about background removal:

There are many more available on the Internet.

Thank You Oliver

Good day Kingsley,
It is interesting, you can easily remove the background and leaving just the aircraft in the image using Adobe Photoshop.

You can follow the link Oliver supplied to get an idea of what’s involved. Basically, though, take the image you want to use, open or paste it into a new document that is set up with a TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND, remove all the un-wanted image using any and all Photoshop tools at your command (brushes, masks, smart selections, etc., etc.), and save the resulting image as a .png file (THAT’S IMPORTANT, since .png files retain the background transparency!!). Import that image into FotoMagico as another layer on a slide and everything below that layer that falls in the transparent area will show through. I’ve used it a few times – it’s pretty cool :slight_smile: