I'm in DESPERATE need of help!

Yesterday I bought a brand new iMac, along with a Logitech C910 HD webcam. I was so excited to start animating. The cam is very impressive and has a high framerate on many programs, except for when I attempt to use it for iStopmotion.

“Laggy” doesn’t even begin to explain how slow it is. It’s beyond choppy.

I don’t understand what’s going on. I used a Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro in the past, and that worked fine.

Is it because this new webcam is in HD?

I’ve also taken a screenshot of this message after I clicked a yellow “warning sign” button. I don’t get what this means.


Please try and explain to me what’s going on. I feel like there must be a solution, but this is very frustrating.

Thank you.

The message from the screenshot means that you are capturing from a huge resolution and packing it into a small resolution document in iStopMotion.
Depending on the edition of iStopMotion you are using you could start a new document and choose the resolution stated in the message and go ahead, but this kind of high resolution is only available in iStopMotion Pro.

How fast do you want to capture in iStopMotion? Because if you won’t capture in very fast intervals the framerate you see in the preview just doesn’t matter…

Hi, sorry to hear about your problems. We just ordered one of those cameras for engineering, so we can try to reproduce your issue. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have news. Maybe it’s best you contact Rudi directly from within the app via iStopMotion > Provide Feedback.

That’s great you’ll be able to test it yourself, thanks! Hopefully it’s within about 13 days, since that’s the time I have before the return policy expires.

Also I’m using the Pro version.

I’ve tried each document, from the smallest resolution all the way up to 1080p. Nothing seems to work, but I feel like the solution is simple. Just can’t figure it out.

And Rudolf, by “fast”, do you mean convenience wise? If so, then yes, I’m capturing very fast so I need a live feed that isn’t extremely slow.

Following up on that: we just received our Logitech C910 HD and can report the following findings:

The frame rate in iStopMotion is indeed surprisingly slow. There is however a very good reason for that: the camera delivers (what is advertised on the box as) photo quality to the Mac. The resolution iStopMotion in fact receives is 2592x1944 pixels. Neither USB nor the chip of that camera can deliver images of that size in fluid motion, that’s why the video is very choppy and there is this strange bending in the frames when moving the camera.

You get the exact same result with QuickTime Player when using the camera in ‘Maximum’ quality. iStopMotion always asks cameras for it’s maximum resolution as our goal is to shoot the best quality possible with any kind of hardware. The software that Logitech provides with that camera seems to do some proprietary magic in order to provide what they call 720p and 1080p recording. I am not at all convinced about the quality of those modes, but you need to take the price of the camera into account as well.

To summarize and answer your question: Yes, it is because this camera is (even beyond) HD and unfortunately there is no good solution right now for improving the situation within iStopMotion. Whether quality and frame rate are acceptable for you (and you actually need that high resolution) is something you need to answer for yourself.

Personally, I am on the one hand impressed by the clarity of the image but at the same time really underwhelmed by the tonal range and the camera’s inability to focus at close distance. Also the software that Logitech delivers is below my lowest expectations.

BTW, other Mac users seem to be quite unhappy with that model as well, see the Logitech forums: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Webcams/LOGITECH-C910-DOES-NOT-WORK-FULLY-WITH-A-MAC/td-p/554208

What a shame & wasted opportunity for what could’ve been a truly great webcam.

Thanks for looking into it.

I don’t get it though, did it have a choppy & slow live stream for you no matter the resolution you chose? If there’s a way to make it fast but lower the resolution, I’d be okay with that.

Regardless, I suppose I’ll be going back to the Quickcam Vision Pro. Although I can’t really remember if it worked well with iStopmotion.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to set a lower resolution in iStopMotion.

I take this as a feature request, and do agree it might be good for this special type of camera, but it’s not something we can add to our busy schedule and release within a few days.

If you’re not looking at the highest resolution possible you might consider that camera: http://www.boinx.com/chronicles/2011/5/10/ipevo-camera--the-best-istopmotion-usb-webcam-/

We recently posted a few more examples of cameras working quite well with iStopMotion on our blog.

I found a workaround:

  1. Start iStopMotion
  2. Start QuickTime
  3. In QuickTime, go to “New Movie Recording”
  4. In the window that it opens, choose the camera and drop the resolution.