iGlasses and iStopMotion Compatibility

Hi there

A few years ago, we purchased several (six, I think) iStopMotion licenses for the school I teach at in order to teach the kids how to make Lego stop motion films. At the same time, we invested in an app called iGlasses provide some control of manual focus and zoom from the Logitech C920 webcams we were using to film with. This was a GREAT combination. However, we were running the Mavericks OS at that time and eventually an upgrade came along (I think it might have been El Capitan) that prevented iGlasses from working with iStopMotion. When iGlasses was selected as the camera, we simply got a blank preview window. This, for all intents and purposes, rendered iStopMotion not fit for purpose, as being able to focus the C920 manually was critical in what we were trying to do.

So I’m wondering, first of all, whether others, including Boinx support, might be aware of this problem. I contacted the developers of iGlasses at the time, but they seemed unable to find a way of fixing it, suggesting that the new OS might be effectively sandboxing iStopMotion.

I would like to set up another stop motion animation programme for my students next year, and I would ideally love to be able to use iStopMotion for this, because it’s a great system. So I was wondering if there’s any chance your developers might be able to look into this issue, and maybe contact the iGlasses developers about it, because I’m really struggling to find any other options for what we’re trying to do.

Kind regards
Simon Williams
New Zealand

Hi @Simon_Williams Thanks for using iStopMotion and for reporting your findings. I’m very sorry that it doesn’t work any more.

We’re currently working on a brand new version of iStopMotion for Mac for current MacOS operating systems and Mac models. We will not be able to provide updates that run on Mac OS El Capitan, though.

For your future classes, you might want to consider using iPads or iPhones with iStopMotion for iOS. The great thing about that is that the camera is included with the device so there is no need for a complicated setup.