idea for the title

change the length and the height of the title separately or both, like now.

To change the width of a title object you have to double click the text to get into the text-edit mode. Here you get little handles on the left and right of the text box to resize the width. The length is defined by how many text you are writing in the text box. Those changes apply to the text object itself, they can’t change over time. However when leaving the edit mode you get resizing handles that are just applying to the “zoom” factor of this text object which can change over time if you have selected the “Animation Enabled” option.

Thank’s for this. In a zoom tittle, we modify the two dimensions together to keep te same proportions.
but can we only move one? to a deformation of the text, for example.

I’ve suggested that we have the ability to perform “independent” scaling of images (that is, the horizontal AND vertical scaling factors are NOT tied together). Having that same ability for text blocks would be welcome as well (mainly for creative purposes). As it is now, all we have is a “zoom factor” – which only allows proportional scaling, whereby the horizontal and vertical dimensions scale at the same rate. It would be interesting to have the ability to “deform” the text in real-time as an “animation” (for instance, watch text expand horizontally over time – although, one would have to be careful using this, depending on the font chosen – or things could become unreadable).

Thanks for your suggestions. I put +1 on the feature list count :slight_smile: