I will like to say thank you boinx(mimolive) you guys are the best!

Thank you all at Boinx for being so understanding and awesome at always delivering what clients request once its possible. I do not know where to start with the specifics but after using this software for more than two years, i’d like to say it has come a long way. it is beautiful (it catches the eye of every person i show it off to even those wirecast, obs & vmix users, ive converted so much of them and its all because of the great work the UI guys - The Coding guys - (The full boinx Team) has been doing. We have been requesting unique output video assignments (Different video per output destination) and you guys delivered. Covid 19 has smacked us all in the face with golf club and its so sad, However Mimolive has given us something to smile and feel good about and i love it.

We have no doubt that you awesome guys at boinx will also deliver even more control over the output destinations, like enabling (A source + a desired Layer stack layer (s)…) to be sent uniquely to deifferent output destination apart from the program out. THANK YOU ALL!!! Have a great day.

Ps. do not die of covid 19.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Glad to have you as a happy customer! :slight_smile:

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