I updated Version 6.0b9 and it doesn't work

I updated Version 6.0b9 and it doesn’t work.


Could it be that your icon is an icon to an older version of? Sometimes I have 6 different of these at the dock Try to open it from inside “programs”.


Thanks for the answer, but I tried with Version 6.0b8 and it works, but Version 6.0b9 doesn’t work.

Hi @11113 I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Can you please delete the mimoLive copies from your computer and download the b9 fresh from https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/6.0b9 and let me know if that worked?

I don’t know if your system date is correct. Year 2565 BE seems to be very strange. What are you exactly trying to to?

I believe that is the Buddist calendar. Should work as it is converted internally to the Gregorian calendar. However, this is a good point. Maybe it doesn’t for some reason. We’ll check.

Oh, I have misinterpreted it as BC, sorry. But good to have a point to check. :hugs: