I need to "loop" a title screen...

I have a background image. I have a text title. For the opening screen, I have the title panning across the image from right to left, starting off the image, crossing the image, and then falling off the other side. I have the opening screen set so that it takes a mouse click to move to the next slide, which will be the start of the presentation.

What I want to do is have the opening screen displayed with the title panning across, but I want it to “loop” indefinitely UNTIL I click the mouse. That way, we can set up the room early and display the opening screen on the wall (or whatever) while people are entering the room, taking their seats, and until we’re done with our opening talk, and THEN go to the next slide when we’re ready.

I’m usually here trying to help other people, but now I’m asking for any possible solution. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. If we just present the image WITHOUT the MOVING title, then we’d be okay – but that’s boring. Adding the panning title is causing the problem.

I thought of a possibility, but it’s a very dirty work-around. Repeat the opening screen (with panning title) over and over again in the time line – but not knowing exactly WHEN we want to start the actual presentation makes it uncontrollable (it might be on the 10th iteration, say, but I’ve padded it with 20 copies).

Anybody have any ideas how to solve this?

A “loop” function for any particular slide would be the ultimate solution – but currently, FotoMagico doesn’t provide that capability.

Here is a workaround for you:

  • Create a FotoMagico Document which just shows your title animation.
  • Export this short animation as a QuickTime movie in the proper resolution
  • Open this movie file with the old QuickTime-Player 7 application.
  • Tell the movie to loop (command-L), save as new self-contained movie file.
  • use this movie file as your title slide in your presentation
  • In the options panel for this “slide” set Continue to “At Mouse Click”

FotoMagico will see this “loop flag” in the movie file and will play back the movie endless until you click the mouse.

Hi, Achim –

Thanks. I should have thought of that. On the other hand, I’ll lose image quality when I convert that to a Quicktime movie – but it will suffice (for now).

Another possible “feature” to add to FotoMagico Pro :slight_smile: (creating looping pan & zooms)