I haven't been this upset with software in quite some time!

I understand building robust software is no easy task, but when you charge for it, it should become pretty painless to use (especially more painless than the free version). I have so many gripes, where do I begin?

  • I created a movie on the free version of iStopMotion to see if it was worth buying. I spent a fair amount of time with it, decided it was good enough to not only get the job done, but was excited about future projects, so I purchased your $50 version. My first major let down was when I saw that the watermark simply did not lift, but had actually embedded itself into every frame, making all of my previous work useless.

  • I was disappointed to see how many features were held back from the Express version. I understand you want to upsell to the even more expensive version, but it’s lame that the $50 version cuts out the ability to add a soundtrack and a custom foreground. $50 for software is pretty decent in this climate of what is currently available and should be more inclusive than it is. I shouldn’t have to rely on iMovie to get me the final 40% of the way.

  • I recreated the movie a 2nd time. The frame rate was set to 4fps, I created the movie, saved it, closed the app, opened it later and when it replayed, it had reset the frame rate to 12. There is no option (as far as I can tell) to go into Document Settings and manually change the fps back down to 4.

2nd attempt at getting my movie failed.

  • I created it AGAIN, this time exported it when done and it botched all of my frames. It plays back just fine in the app, but any way I try to export as a movie or directly to iMovie, all the frames flip with each other.

ex: if frames 1,2,3,4,5,6 are normal, it will export to 1,3,2,5,4,6 etc

  • As a last ditch effort, I wanted to export as frames so I can reassemble in someone else’s software, however it only exported blank .pngs

I’m seriously at a loss for this project, as the due date has now passed. I would not however like to be at a loss for my $50.

Please give me my money back.

I am very sorry to hear your frustration. At any time, you can get a refund from the channel you purchased our software. If you decide to request a refund please let me know where you bought iStopMotion so I can give you further instructions.

  • I agree that we need to communicate the fact that the demo overlay is permanent and non-removable much clearer. Sorry about that. I handed that to the engineering department.

  • As you surely understand, there needs to be some segmentation, and this is why we clearly communicate the differences on http://www.boinx.com/istopmotion/features/
    We tried to make sure that exporting to iMovie is as painless as possible, so adding a soundtrack or other visual elements can be done quickly.
    Maybe I am alone with this, but I don’t feel $50 is a lot for a piece of media production software. Sure, nowadays one can buy a simple app for $3.99 but I guess one can clearly see the difference in value and complexity.

  • For technical reasons, the framerate can’t be changed. That makes it pretty unlikely that it changed by itself during the process. The only explanation I find, is that the framerate was entered wrong by mistake and was at 12 fps the entire time.
    To change the fps afterwards, you can create a movie with the specs you want and copy and paste all the frames from one movie to the other.

  • Again I have no explanation how the reordering issue could happen. Technically there is no reason how this could happen. If you are still interested in solving this, you can send me the iStopMotion movie and I have our engineers take a look at it.

  • How did you export the individual frames? Just dragging them out of the timeline into a folder proved to be completely painless. As this and the export both relies on standard QuickTime functionality we never experienced any issues here.

I completely understand your frustration and if you prefer to leave it at this and just get a refund, let me know. Otherwise I’d love to help. We create software because we love it, we use it and we believe it meets the requirements by our customers, and if we failed you it is important to to us to help you find a solution to make our products do what you purchased them for.