I have some question, for who use Ultra studio3D with Boinx

how can I record 2camera simultaneous or switch 2 camera from 2SDIs in (SDI in A and B from ultra studio) with boinx

or if I can’t with 2SDI , can I use breakout cable and use SD-SDI instead (and how boinx handle or I just simply add camera source ?)

thank you for advance.

I have an Ultrastudio 3D, and I have been playing around with it with Boinx. As far as I can see, you can only use a single camera at once. Even though they advertise that all inputs are live, you can only choose a single input from the Blackmagic System Preference. Yes, you can connect multiple cameras to the breakout cable and HDMI, but you can only select one at a time to be the input.

The other gotcha that I didn’t catch in their marketing is that the HDMI Out port is not an extended desktop. You can only use it to monitor the camera. This means that if you’re trying to do a full screen output, you can only output to the same screen that you are working from. OUCH! You either VNC in and work from the screen without the menu bar / dock, or buy a 1k Apple Thunderbolt monitor.

I guess the folks at Blackmagic who design these devices don’t actually have to use them.

some more question.

can I switch between 2SDI input with any application ? (not only boinx) because I have tried with Blackmagic Media Express but I can’t see any option , I can only see SDI A camera.

any idea ? thanks

by the way FYI, I use it with imac27" so I don’t have output screen problem , It has 2 thunderbolts

I’m not sure about SDI since I am only using an HDMI camera. I will probably use a USB webcam as my secondary. You might want to post on Creative Cow or write BM directly.

Good for you that you have 2 thunderbolt connections. Not being able to daisy chain this box seems to be the biggest complaint I have seen on the web. Aside from this, it’s been a pretty nice device without having to buy a Mac Pro.

With that said, my Mac Mini gets hammered when I connect the 1080i camera source with Boinx. They really need to look into that since no problem in CamTwist or Wirecast. Sure, Mac Mini doesn’t have the top GPU, but somehow those other companies have figured it out.