I cannot fand FotoMagico Remote on Apples App Store.

Can someone give me a hint there?

I’m also looking for the app. There is no one. May be someone from Boinx support will do what he is paid for…support!

I’m wondering why nobody from Boinx is answering this question, not here and not on the FB group. The iPhone Remote is a promised feature that customers paid for and the feature does not work at the Moment. I had to buy an external IR remote for my Macbook to be able to perform a remote. I should send the bill for the additional hardware to Boinx.

If there is a problem with the App store so please say this. But this is absolutely not a professional way of working an communication.

Boinx’s luck is the fact that there is no alternative software. If there was, FM would be deleted from my Macbook immediately.