httpRequest help please

Using httpRequests in my program to make modifications to transitions in layers. Works perfectly when I specify a single variant in a layer. However, I would like any variant called in the layer to get the change. I tried removing the /variants/xxxxxxx up to the “?”. It again works fine for a single variant but when there’s more than one variant in the layer, I get an httpRequest TIMEOUT.


This does only work if you use a code for each variant. Tipp: Use Pages/Numbers/Excel/Libre-Office to concatinate the strings.

I was under the impression that by removing Variant info, it would work.

Ah, ok. Yes, this all can be a bit confusing.

The “Endpoints” have to be unique. At the beginning it helped me a lot to see it like keys for several flats in a house, or several houses aside a road. In your example, the postman would bring the same letter to different adresses.

I hope that in a future release of the Automation Layer a “concat” will be directly possible.