HQ images but bad flicker on dissolve

I am using Fotomagico on a project for Motor Yachts here on the Red Sea. The images are very high quality (3648 x 2736). I plan to ‘Share’ at 1080 HD quality then compress for other media options.

I have 2 issues at the moment.

  1. The quality of the HD 1080 output in QT is awesome but there is a serious ‘flicker’ during the image dissolves on the 1080 version. Will this dissapaear after further compression? The longer the dissolve, the worse the flicker.

  2. I am unsure of the best QT compression settings for You Tube HD. Can anyone help with this. I plan to use You Tube to show the client the end result.

Any advice would be gratefully receieved.

Many thanks.