How to use Mask Out Image in Chroma filter on BoinxTV Home?

I just purchased BoinxTV Home and was able to get some good results using the chroma filter and a green screen in a surprisingly short amount of time. Is there any documentation on how to use the Mask Out Image feature? This one is completely eluding me. Thanks!

I am sorry, there is no documentation on it. Anyways, we replaced this feature in the current release (1.8) by a “quick mask” which can mask out all of the four image borders separately.

This sums up the BoinxTV Home problem precisely. No documentation.
Zero. Zip. I just struggled through the five day license and frankly didn’t get very far. I’ll buy this the moment someone produces real written instructions.

In regards to what intlpvti said about the manual I totally agree. I am also floundering without any written documentation.