How to stream to Google+ Hangout, Webex, etc

I am looking at using BoinxTV to stream the meeting of a non-profit I belong to. The challenge is that I need to restrict who can see the meeting, so that is why I am not looking at some of the conventional options. I looked in the online docs and didnt see a way this can be done. Has anyone been able to do this and what did you use to do it ?

Hi there @rnutter‌, you should be able to do that by following the same steps needed for video streaming. Just make sure you select “Camtwist” as your source camera from within Google Hangouts after setting up BoinxTV and Camtwist. Cheers

I have tried and tried, but I can’t get CamTwist to show up in my list of Hangout video source devices. I have ScreenFlow, and it does show up in that list of devices. Any clues?

Ok, I got it to work. Bottom line? Be very careful to re-start BOTH CamTwist and the browser running Hangouts when you change the CamTwist preferences. I finally set the CamTwist window to 640x360, sized the BoinxTV live screen to the same dimensions, started everything all over, and Google recognized the CamTwist device - seems a little fragile, but it works. Hope I can configure it correctly again …

After researching the issue of connecting BoinxTV to Google Hangouts using CamTwist and Soundflower, I’ve come to the conclusion that it can’t be done without introducing a substantial video lag from the audio. Often, when people talk about doing this, Streaming your Desktop on Mac OS X ( and [Complete Guide] - How to stream from a Mac? ( ) They talk about connecting CamTwist and Soundflower to Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, which combines the audio and video, synchronizing it, and outputs a live stream to connect with Ustream or Youtube Live.
BitnappingTV Streaming with BoinxTV ( does a good job of connecting BoinxTv to CamTwist and Soundflower, but he talks about connecting to Ustream, not Google Hangouts.

The trouble with Hangouts is that it accepts the CamTwist video okay, and it will accept the Soundflower audio feed okay, but the video lags the audio by several seconds. It won’t accept a synchronized encoded feed like the one produced by FMLE because it is the one creating the live feed to send to Youtube. The problem is it already expects the audio and video to be synchronized. CamTwist introduces a delay when it grabs the BoinxTV Desktop window or even if it just gets input from a videocam. BoinxTV is not causing the problem. CamTwist and Hangouts are the problem. I tried playing with the device delay in BoinxTV preferences, but that’s a kludge and can’t be set reliably. Also, the delay is more than 2 seconds on my system.

On a more philosophical note, it seems to me that the whole idea of BoinxTV is to enable live streaming, not recording. Otherwise, why have all those nifty shortcuts to produce tv shows on the fly (no timeline) whereas if you’re just interested in creating a snazzy recording, you could use a video editor that has a timeline and put the effects in afterward. Seems to me like BoinxTV should divorce itself from needing CamTwist and Soundflow and figure out how to stream its output to Ustream and Youtube directly. I’m not sure it will ever be able to interface to Hangouts correctly unless Google decides to allow combined audio/video streams to pass through instead of requiring separate video and audio feeds.

Please tell me if I’m wrong about this. I’m trying to learn, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there about streaming and Hangouts.