How to show Fotomagico show from iPhone

I am creating a Fotomagico show on my Mac. Would like to be able to get the show onto my iPhone; then use iPhone tv cables to hook phone to a TV; then run the show from the phone to the TV. All of this so that I don’t have to burn a DVD of the show and then play it through a DVD player. Possible? Create a Quicktime, get it into iPhoto, then sync to phone?

The problem you would have is the difference in resolution. If you were to encode for iPhone at 480x320 it would look just very poor on an HD TV with resolution of 1920x1080. You could probably store a high res file on the iPhone but I cant see how you would be able to play back at 1080p or 720p.


I guess you could use an Apple TV…

The iPhone 4 is actually capable of playing back movies with up to 720p through adaptors like the Apple VGA, component or the new Digital AV adaptor.

FotoMagico slideshows shared using the iPhone export are optimized for the iPhone display, but you should be able to export for AppleTV (using the HDTV preset) and still sync the resulting movie to your iPhone using iTunes.