How to save FMagic to thumb drive to play via on a TVs usb

I want to save my finished work to a thumb drive so it can be played on a tv with USB ports. How can I do this and let it play on a loop?

You need to check what formats your smart TV plays. Mine plays mp4 and mkv for sure, so I can save to either (possibly others). I use an SSD rather than a thumb drive: faster.
I actually upload my slideshows to YouTube, since my TV has the YouTube app and others can view the as well.
No idea about playing on a continuous loop.

Thx for the tip. Much appreciated.

I hadn’t even thought about trying to use an SSD but speed is a big plus.

My project will be about 15+ minutes long; it’ll be projected via a led projector onto a screen and, independently, running on a couple TVs in areas of the room, at least that’s my hope; they don’t have to be time sequenced. I don’t want to depend on multiple computers for connection purposes thus my thumb drive question since all devices (projector and TVs) will have thumb drives.

Posting to YouTube is a great idea but once posted I understand that I can’t take it down if I wanted to in the future. If you read this and have the time, do you know if this is the case.