How to make the same text appear for 20 slides?

I am creating a slideshow of 300 photos. I want to place the same title on 20 different photos at the same position. Is there a simple way of doing it? I don’t want to paste the same title for each photo 300 times. Thanks.

Here’s a possibility that might work. Create a Snippet containing a photo (as a placeholder!) on the bottom layer, then add a Title to it on the layer above which contains the text you want to appear on each slide. Once the Snippet is made, drag it to the timeline. You can copy the entire slide (title and photo) (Cmd-C), then paste it as many times as you need (e.g., 20 times using Cmd-V). Select the 20 slides you just inserted, switch to the Images panel on the right, select the 20 images you want to use for the slideshow, and then drag them to the first slide containing the snippet. All 20 images should import into the 20 slides. The title will appear where you placed it in the original snippet design, and each of the 20 slides will contain your images.

In addition to @stantastic idea you only put a special text tag into the text item that will display the chapter title (Menu bar -> Text -> Insert Placeholder -> Chapter). Now you can add the very same text slide to each image of your complete slide show and put in a chapter every time you want to display a new text (Menu bar -> Slideshow -> Chapter -> Add). All the text items inside this chapter will magically use the title of that chapter as its content. Sounds like collapsing those chapters will help you working with your slideshow anyways :slight_smile: