How to integrate Skype video with BoinxTV

There is probably an easy answer to this, but it eludes me…

I podcast with 2 Skype users; currently only via audio. I want to start streaming our recordings and use their video as well. If I try to use Skype on the same Mac where I have BoinxTV running, performance suffers. So I think I need to use a separate computer for each task. This is where the problem comes in.

How can I grab the video from the machine running Skype into the machine running BoinxTV as a camera source. Friends of mine use WireCast and they use the Desktop Presenter to accomplish this. I am unaware of a comparable feature in BoinxTV.

No solution, just doubling up your request. Please can someone give an elegant answer to this. I have tried many combinations using camtwist and other screen capture twists but none work elegantly, particularly for more than one non-local video stream. Podcasting skype interviews is SO popular has anyone at Boinx considered creating a skype specific layer perhaps? Would love to have an elegant solution to this and be able to use all of the other Boinx goodness else its back to wirecast which seems the best alternative.

Hi there!

To bring in Skype calls into BoinxTV we use our build-in “Screen Capture” source which captures the video from the Skype window (see “How to bring in a video call”-tutorial here: ) , and using SoundFlower ( to capture the sound from it, to bring it into BoinxTV as a normal audio source (see “How to capture audio from other apps”-tutorial here: . Alternatively you can use a second computer running your Skype conversation and bring the secondary monitor via a VGA2USB adapter into the BoinxTV computer as a regular video source. In this case you have to bring the audio over via a separate way.

Still, an equivalent of the Wirecast Desktop Presenter would be a HUGE improvement for many, many tasks. Even if it will be a paid add-on.