How to get a Canon HF20 to work in iStopmotion 3

Hello, I have a Canon Vixia HF20, a Macbook Pro from 2011 and the latest version of iStopmotion. iStopmotion isn’t seeing my camera, which isn’t a huge surprise to me. The camera has a usb connection, as well as an HDMI out on it. Is there some sort of way to connect via the HDMI output? I saw a few things about that on here, but didn’t see a definitive answer. Any help would be really appreciated. I’d hate for this purchase to be a waste. Thanks!

You’d need some kind of HDMI Capture device. If I am not mistaken, your MacBookPro doesn’t have Thunderbolt or USB 3.0, right? There would be affordable capture cards for these ports but without these ports, there is nothing out there that would be cheaper than buying an entry level DSLR that works with iStopMotion.

Correct. It has Firewire, but not the others.