How To Export To iPad?

I have created a FotoMagico project on my MacBook Pro. Now I would like to copy that project onto my iPad for presentations. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you for any help. I appreciate it.


There is a dedicated sharing option for bringing your FotoMagico slideshow to the iPad. The show will be exported as movie, transferred to iTunes, where you have to put it somewhere to be synched onto your iPad.

Thank you, Achim. Since I posted the question, I figured it out. Sorry for the unnecessary question.

Unfortunately, I have found that the Quicktime movie that is created tends to degrade the image quality of my photos.

Export-Quality: The compression quality of videos is highly depending on video size (pixels), frame rate and the video codec. You should take in account what data rate your device can handle when playing back a movie and try out which frame rate/image quality you can setup in your QuickTime Exporter settings to keep it below that data rate.

I posted on a different discussion about exporting to iPad then found this one with an answer.

I have already used the 3.8 version to export to the iPad. I fail to see why you have changed it and made it so obscure.
I did eventually find the file.