How to Export for slideshow??

I created a slideshow, and need to display it on a laptop or DVD. What is the best way to export? Minimal directions are available. I read I can export it so it’s in itunes in my movies, but I don’t see how to do that? And, I read that it won’t let you use iTunes songs for export. HELP!

@jodi Thank you for using FotoMagico.

What version of FotoMagico are you using?

Generally, you can use music from iTunes provided that it is not DRM protected. Unfortunately, that excludes music from Apple Music and some songs you may have bought from iTunes. However, the fact that you CAN use it does not mean that you’re ALLOWED to use it. In general, you need permission from the creator of the music to use it.

To make this easier, we have partnered with some music creators to include royalty free music in FotoMagico 5 under a Creative Commons Attribution License, which means, you can use the music any way you like as long as you properly credit the creators in your slideshow. FotoMagico 5 provides Snippets to automatically do the right thing.

For playing your slideshow on a generic laptop, the best format is H.264. The easiest way to get that is to choose “Export to iPad” which will create a suitable video file.

DVD is a complex issue. It depends on whether you want to create a DVD for playback in a consumer DVD player or just as a medium to transport or store your slideshow. In the former case, you’ll need a program that can burn a Video DVD such as Toast and use the FotoMagico “Export to DVD”. In the latter case I would recommend to use an USB stick instead as it is much easier to handle these days.