How to display SS using full display area for 4K Televisions

Hi ,

I am working on a quick slideshow for a client and which is wanting to play a Slideshow on a 4K Sony Bravia Television, and I would like to know what are the best settings to export so I archieve this without any letterboxing or blackstripes top and bottom on the
display when played _ I just want the white background stage to fill the display. In the past this has never been any issue in the 10 years I’ve been using FotoMagico - so why now ? So very frustrating that every new update , changes the way I use the program for my workflow. FotoMagico Team please ,is there a way to keep the settings simple, when a simple slideshow is needed
, which would include a Key Burns effect, with simple dissolve matched to a track of music and full display area for still images only. A collegue showed my what he uses in Lightroom, and to be honest I’m seriously thinking of using this in future- FotoMagico Pro has just become too blotted . I’m sure people use the complex capability, but for my puprose it is just becoming too ungainly… please just keep it simple , if simplicity is all that is needed. Where may I find this important piece of information ? Again spent the last 3 hours trying to fix then find a solution on a Sunday , when the client needs this now… not a very happy customer. thanks in advance. Patrick Hamilton

Hi @patrickhamilton Thank you for your honest feedback. I’m sorry to hear that FotoMagico is currently not working for you the way you expect. We understand the need to keep it simple and that’s one of the primary goals.

If you set up a slideshow with 16:9 aspect ratio and export it to 4K (3840*2160) it should play without letterboxing on a 4K (UHD) TV set. If it doesn’t, can you please let me know the exact settings you’re using for the export and what device you’re using to play back on the Bravia.

The easiest way to get a perfect presentation is to use FotoMagico on your Mac to play the video on the Bravia by hooking it up via HDMI. This way, you get the best possible image quality.

If you want to match the transitions to the music, there is no easier way than to use the Audio Marker Assistant in FotoMagico.