How to customize control layout

I’ve created a custom scoreboard layer in Quartz Composer and was able to create buttons for it in mimoLive. However, I can’t figure out how to display a title in front of one or more buttons like for example in the Basketball Scoreboard layer

To clarify, the Basketball Scoreboard has buttons e.g. H 1, H 2 and H 3 but before these buttons there is a text “Home:”. I can show similar buttons in my own custom scoreboard but how do I add or display that text there??

I found the answer myself. You need to add a property (under Editor -> Edit Information) with the name tv_InputLabel_<InputName> where <InputName> is the name of the input control where you want to insert the title in front of. E.g.: tv_InputLabel_tvGroup_Content__My_Button_TypeSignal

@eMilty I’m glad to hear you were able to work it out. We’re curious to see the result. Can you share a video?

Sure, this live stream was produced with mimoLive:

Just skip through the video to see different variations and states of the scoreboard. It’s three layers sharing data. One “data” layer that keeps the score and has all the data. Two “display” laters, one for the small score bug and one for the set overview in between each set. This is all controlled with an X-keys controller that allows me to change the score but also enable/disable layers etc.

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