How to create title backgrounds

I’m confused how to create a background color for a title. In the title side bar I can see my black title with a tan background in the “show preview”; but in the actual Start and Finish image of the slide only the text itself shows the color. There is no background color at all. I have tried deleting preferences in my library, but this didn’t help any.

Which version of FM are you using? Up through the latest “released” version of FM ( which is 4.6.2), there was no way to add a color to the background of a title, even though there appeared to be a way using the standard Apple Font Dialog Box. (the small “paper” with a folded corner).

The current BETA release of FM 5.0b24 finally solves that problem. You can designate both a color for the title text itself, and another color for the “background” box that contains it.