How to control comments remotely?

My wife and I work together for live streaming, she presents, I produce. I set up a control surface on her iPad and it works really well… except for commenting on comments.

Having a program output window makes a serviceable vanity monitor, and I’ve set up a single comments window on her iPad too. I can’t remember how I did that or where the buttons are. I can’t find them on the comments layers. Can anyone remind me please?

One problem is signalling when viewers comment so that she can respond to them. I have put an extra button at the bottom of the stack so that it never appears in the program output. I activate the layer when there are comments to respond to. I control comments layer to show one at a time. She can read the comment on the iPad and respond. When she finishes with one comment I show the next and so on. It works but it is very clunky and it would be great to have more control over comment as a whole on her iPad.

Has anyone come up with a better way of managing comments remotely? I would love to hear how others do it.

@Dsal22 The “Single Comments” layer comes with a preset for the Remote Control Surface that will show the current “live” comment on it. Go in edit mode on the Remote and select the Single Comments layer on the left. The left bar will change to the button presets for that layer. Find the big “Comments” 4x2 button and drag it to the surface. Is that what you are looking for?

On our feature wish list we already have the idea of showing the desktop Comments Window on the Remote Surface as well, so you can monitor it here and push single comments live. Unfortunately there is no ETA for it thought.

Yes that’s exactly it, Achim. The problem was that the big button disappeared. However I found it again when I went live.??

I thoroughly concur with your feature list idea. My partner would then be able to access them on a simplified interface (iPad). Our current solution lacks the elegance I normally associate with MimoLive.

(Just noticed I wrote a reply but didn’t post it. Sorry 'bout that)

Hello Achim,

In our situation moderating the comments from another computer is highly welcome. Is there no other way to moderate and set comments live from another computer? Maybe using the API, so I can program it myself?

Just replying to say that adding the comments window to a remote surface or the ability to moderate from a second computer would be very much welcome. Thanks.