How to adjust the length of a title without affecting the slide duration?

I simply want to stretch text across more than one slide. Let’s say I want to keep my slide duration at 3 seconds but want my text to stretch across two slides, leaving it on the screen for 6 seconds. How can I do this? Every time I adjust the title it also adjusts the slide, which is great sometimes, but sometimes I want to just adjust the title alone.


Not exactly clear as to what you want your title to do. I guess the words “stretch text across more than one slide” is confusing me. And you also say when you adjust the title, it also adjusts the slide. You mean in regard to timing? Or in regard to location? As you described it, and as I interpreted it, if your title moves across the screen, timing is hard to work out, and you need to copy the geometry of where the title ends on the first slide, then use it as your starting point for the second slide to finish its movement (if you’re moving it).

But there IS a workaround that might work for you. Instead of creating two slides with durations of 3 seconds and trying to place the title (and move them), create ONE slide with a duration of 6 seconds. Layer the two images, and place the title on top of them. Now adjust the visibility of the second layer to span the SECOND HALF of the slide time (to last 3 seconds starting from the half-way point to the end). You should see the bottom layer for 3 seconds, then the top layer will take its place for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, adjust the animation of the title over the entire 6 seconds.

Sorry if that’s not exactly what you wanted to achieve.