How to add a watermark to my HD-movie?

I want to add a watermark, or copyright notice, to my slideshow when exporting in Fotomagico 3.8.5 as a HD movie.
Any ideas?

If you happen to have a FotoMagico 3 Pro licenses you can setup a watermark image in the slideshow settings:

  • Select “Slideshow > Settings…” from the FotoMagico menu. you will get a settings sheet dropping down at the document window.
  • select the “Watermark” tab. You will see a checker board area.

You now can either press the “Choose…” button to select a file with a file chooser dialog, or you can drag and drop the image from your desktop into the checker board area.

Additionally you can setup the Opacity of your logo.

Please note that the image will be placed centered on screen and 1:1 in pixel dimension depending on you stage size setup (in the “Settings” tab). You have create a full stage size, transparent image in order to place your copyright symbol/logo to a certain spot.

Great, this works very well.