How exactly is the PRO version different from the EXPRESS version? What differences will I notice?

Hi, I have the express version of iStopmotion at home but a lot of animation. I also have the Thunderbolt Intensity HDMI box and a Full HD video camera that I use with it.

I noticed that the PRO version of iStopmotion only has a few other features like direct exporting to Final Cut etc, but what else will I see as different when I’m animating? Will the live image and captured images be of a clearer quality? Will the speed that the program needs to capture the image be slower?

I am thinking of getting the PRO version, but would like some feedback from someone who has used it and can give me a bit of a feel as to what is is like.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!


Since every setup is a little bit different I suggest, that you request a Pro-Demo key for iStopMotion and see for yourself! Try before you buy! Select the “Upgrade Now” menu item in the “iStopMotion” menu. The Upgrade-assistant will pop up and tell you what your upgrade options are. On the right you will see a “Try for Free” button next to your desired product which gives you a form to request a demo license.

Ok, thanks for the help! I’ll do that and find out for myself :slight_smile: