How do you set the frame rate?

I’ve just downloaded the trial version and I’m testing it out before unleashing my 11yo Lego tragic on it.

I can’t work out how to slow down the frame rate. He is making Lego movies and the current frame rate is MUCH too fast for his project. I can’t find anything that controls the frame rate.

And how can I make the timeline less ‘touchy’? ie, stretch it out a little. It’s too imprecise if you’re using the trackpad on a laptop.

Tonight I was using a Canon DSLR using LiveView. It captured the frames nicely, but, as stated above, the playback is way too quick and the timeline is unfriendly.

Thanks in advance - looks like a GREAT application.

BTW, Canon 40D can be added to the list of compatible cameras. LiveView worked flawlessly.

The framerate can be set when creating the document. As soon as the document is set up, it can’t be changed any more. You can create a new documet with the correct frame rate though and then export the images from the old document and import into the new one.
I have to admit I don’t fully understand the timeline issue. You can’t adjust the timelie.

Thanks for the mega quick reply Bastian.

Ahhh! you need to select frame rate at the beginning of the project. Got it now.

The timeline issue is, well, with all the other time based animation/movie/music software I use, there is usually a timeline ‘zoom’ adjustment, where you can stretch or compress the timeline so suit the project. I find the mouseover/magnification idea a bit ‘touchy’.

Maybe something to think about as a future option?