How do I report a problem to Boinx Software?

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           <p>iStopMotion 3 provides a feedback assistant, that sends your feedback directly to our support team. If you  don't want to use the assistant, or your Mac running iStopMotion is not connected to the internet, please use the Support Form to report Problems and Feature Requests. Please provide us with these information when reporting a problem:  Product and Product Version License (Home, Express, Pro) OS X version and Quick Time version Hardware information Camera Type Programs running in the background You can find further contact possibilites on  Check out the original article for more information!</p>
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When I export my animation to Imovie (ie.‘send to imovie’) I am getting at least a 15% loss of image quality .When exporting I am choosing the" full - original size " option - not the ‘Large’ size. This is totally annoying especially since the animations are taking weeks to make.
Can anyone suggest a way of getting the files to imovie without any image quality loss ?

The Problem is, that a video format isn’t loss less. So each time you export or convert video footage you will loose quality. In iStopMotion we are storing the images uncompressed so the quality remains over editing time. However when you export to iMovie we are exporting to DV file format, which has, by technical reasons, high quality cuts. You could use the QuickTime Export option in order to have control over the compression settings of the video codec you chosen. Try a H.264 codec with high quality.

Hi Achim
Thanks for the advice,I tried that and used the sharpen filter and whilst it’s not perfect it’s much much better - thanks again.

What would I need to do/buy to get broadcast PAL quality ?

I would do all the editing in HD format using Final Cut. After the product is finished I would export it to PAL keeping the HD version in a save place. The best praxis here is to keep the high resolution as long as you can in you production workflow.

I have downloaded the demo iStopMotion software and I think it is ideal for my 12 year old son. I am using a Canon EOS 1100d camera. I have just tried the demo version of DragonFrame which works well with he camera and it supplies a live feed to the software. I prefer the iStopMotion programme because it is simpler to understand for my son however I seem to be unable to obtain a live feed. Its very difficult for my son to focus the camera via the eyepiece and screen. I have got the preview facility working but its not the same as being able to move, compose and focus the camera via the computer screen. This camera has a video setting and supplies an output so what am I doing wrong in iStopMotion? I have tried all settings on the camera like video setting, M and Auto. Is it that it just doesn’t do it? Can you help please?

@KWKirby: The current version of iStopMotion 3.0.2 isn’t capable of showing the live preview of still cameras. We are hearing you! :slight_smile:

Hi, Using the latest software versions on a new iMac and iPhone 4S. In time lapse mode message window says that I cannot use an interval shorter than 2.36 seconds. Having set interval to a larger value (30 secs) I still get the same message in fact for any interval in seconds the error widow appears. It works OK once minutes is selected.

iStopMotion Remote Camera v2.0.2
iStopMotion v3.0.2
OSX v10.8.3
Quicktime Player v10.2
2013 iMac 3.2 GHz i5
iPhone 4S
Safari v6.0.3

@kenninuk: I tested it again and it works on my machine. The time “2.36 seconds” is base on the duration of the last few capture processes. If the wifi network isn’t fast enough this time can go up and vary over time. Do you have a stable wifi between your iPhone and your iMac?

Hi, I just bought the software from the Mac App Store. I had a large file I was working on for a school project being worked on an older version of the program, and I felt like I needed an upgrade. I deleted the old program, and I wanted to save my progress in the new program and it would not let me. I don’t know how to fix this, and it was error -39 if it means anything. Thanks! -Elias.

@TheFluze: Unfortunately the error -39 means that your project file is corrupted (see I am terribly sorry if you lost any work by this bug. The problem is, that there is a bug in QuickTime that causes large iStopMotion project files to get corrupted when they are reloaded and saved again. We reported this bug to Apple a long time ago but it seems that Apple won’t develop QuickTime any further. Thats why we are looking for ways to move away from QuickTime. Please don’t reopen large projects but use 3rd party video editing software to combine multiple iStopMotion scenes into on movie.

Every time I’ve tried to import GoPro jpg images into iStopMotion 3.5 on my MacBook Pro, the program crashes. No other programs have been running.

Please drag the images from the Finder to the timeline instead of using the import images menu item. We are currently trying to find out why this happens using the menu way.

I bought Istopmotion Pro, version 3.5. OS X version 10.7.5. Quicktime Player version 10.1. I am using a Macbook 13 inch. I have a canon powershot A2200 HD (but I never connected it to istopmotion). I didn’t have any programs running in the background when the problem happened. It had been working fine, but then randomly one time when I logged on Rather than having the Logo in my dock, there was a question mark. I searched my computer and it was gone. I re-downloaded the demo and entered the license key (I hadn’t entered the license key the first time. But it was working and i’m pretty sure it wasn’t a demo) but it said that the key had already been used.

I’m making clips for a project using i stop motion using HD 1080 settings. The clips look great but when I import them into Final Cut Pro 7 and change the speed slightly I get a lot of ghosting around the images when played.
Any help would be much appreciated

Hi, I’m new to this, so I’m not sure what version of istopmotion to look for. Do you have a free license for a few weeks to test before purchasing? I’m using Mac OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 and my camera is just my Iphone 6.

I have iSM 3.8.2, Home license. I am running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 . I have a 13 in Macbook Pro (mid 2010), with the original graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB). I have an SSD with 180 GB of free space on it, and unfortunately I have only 4 GB of RAM, without the possibility of an upgrade. I’m using a Canon 60D to record, using small S1 jpegs.

When I record without a soundtrack, everything, including playback, works perfectly fine. However when I add a soundtrack (whether mp3 or aiff, even as low as 1.5 mb), the program won’t give me a smooth playback. It skips about every 5 frames. Using the soundtrack is very important for me, and I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Any help would be very much appreciated!

My computer is otherwise in good shape, the desktop clean, I don’t run other programs when I’m using iSM, and I restart the computer regularly.

Thank you very much for your help.

@RG At which resolution and FPS are capturing your project? Is the sound file somewhat special, can you provide it for testing? Does this also happen if you close the project and reopen it again?


The program is quitting after the first capture. If I use my iSight camera it works. But with my Canon 7D, it automatically fail. The software is able to control the camera and take the picture, but it doesn’t appear on the time line and close the software. I am on OS 10.11.6. I don’t have EOS utilities installed. How can I solve this problem?