How do I enter my license code

I have a copy of IStopMotion Home edition. I have the original CD and packaging from Amazon but there is no license code printed any where. How can I find the license?

If you got it from then you should find it at the back of the manual, beginning with “C”.
If you got it from Amazon in Europe please let us know via email (support(at)boinx(dot)com).


This is Sam’s Dad. We’ll try that today. Thank you so much for replying so quickly. He really likes the program, but we’ve recently switched computers and he’s having some withdrawal symptoms!

Okay, great! Let us know if need further assistance!

Rudolf, looks like the manual is no more. We have the original box and the internal plastic case + CD. Would the code be on the documentation on the CD (I hope)? I also have an original invoice if there is a place we could email or fax that.

If it’s not there we can’t recover it, I’m afraid. Those keys are not connected to names etc. Sorry!